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How to customize Hot Wheels Mario Kart

Haven't we all enjoyed Mario Kart games? It’s hard to believe that the kart-racing genre wasn’t always around, but it started with Super Mario Kart. The Super Nintendo classic Super Mario Kart was one of Super Nintendo’s most popular releases, and it helped create a new sub-genre of racing games. Keeping true to Nintendo’s philosophy, it was fun for everyone, and Super Mario Kart established one of the company’s most enduring series.

Even if my Hot Wheels Mario Kart is cool as it is I decided to do a little touch-up. I painted the exhaust pipes silver. Don't you think that made it even cooler? I added Treasure Hunt and Chevron waterslide decals to make it even more personal. Also, I changed the tires to Goodyear and my Mario Kart got a license plate.

Watch my video down below and also drop me a line and tell me what you think of my customization. //Axel

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